Guitar Of The Week

This is a true once in a lifetime guitar that we were lucky enough to purchase from the original owner. It has been getting harder and harder to find “uncirculated,” under-the-bed guitars and this is a spectacular example of just that. The original owner was a fan of The Ventures in the 1960s and had wanted to order a Fender Jazzmaster. He decided to go into his local music store with the intent to order one, but in 1961 Fender was not yet making that model in a left handed version. He wound up ordering a Stratocaster and chose a custom color called Fiesta Red, a color that was used by Fender, but was originally a DuPont paint finish offered on Ford Automobiles. He waited a year and a half to receive this 1962 Stratocaster and played it sparingly, making it one of the cleanest examples we’ve seen to this day. 

Due to this guitars rarity and top quality, it is not available for sale online at this time. If you are interested in this piece please email us or give us a cal at 516-221-0563!


*please note that the tag in the header photo is available separately*