Guitar Of The Week

Premiering in 1953, the original Gibson Les Paul Custom or "Fretless Wonder" as it was known for its small sized frets and fast playability, became an instant success with both Jazz players and eventually Rock and Rollers alike. The original configuration featured Al Nico V neck pickup and the already famous P-90 pickup in the bridge position. This setup remained virtually unchanged until the invention of the humbucking pickup in 1957. Almost all Gibson Les Paul guitars from this new humbucking period, feature three PAF humbucking pickups.

Starting in 1961, the Les Paul Custom body shape changed to what we now know as the SG Custom. The standard color on this model went from the standard Ebony to Polaris White. Like all Les Paul Models, they were discontinued in early 1963. Then, in 1968, Gibson reintroduced the Les Paul Model and Les Paul Custom guitars. The new 1968 Les Paul Custom feature two "T-Type" humbucking pickups as the only option available.

In early 1969, the Les Paul Custom had some changes made like most Gibson models. The first was the edition of a three-piece mahogany neck as well as the new wider headstock. This particular example was made during the last weeks of 1968 or first weeks of 1969 and still carries the original 1968 appointments including the one piece mahogany neck, narrow width headstock, non-pancake style body, and the potentiometers dating to the 50th week of 1968. 

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