Songbirds Guitar Museum & Well Strung Guitars


Over the last 20+ years, Well Strung Guitars (formerly We Buy Guitars) has been curating the worlds largest vintage guitar collection for a small group of investors. This well rounded collection is now housed on the beautiful Chattanooga Choo Choo Campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The vast collection includes over 1,800 instruments spanning from pre-1950 to the mid-1970s, exclusively purchased by our team. Still buying for the museum today, we are always looking for original vintage pieces. 

Want to play one of their insanely cool vintage guitars? Then this is the place for you! Songbirds offers three tiers of player experiences that span from getting to play a few guitars all the way to getting to record in our state of the art studio with rockstar style photography.

Since February of 2017, Songbirds has been operating as not only a museum for any music or history lover, but also as two intimate music venues.

Their North Stage hosts approximately 200 guests in a living room style setting including a full bar and seating, while the South Stage can hold up to 500 guests to rock on with their full bar and available VIP seating. 

Looking to take a tour or see a show? Visit their site today!


Do you have an original vintage guitar that you think would make for a great fit at Songbirds? Email us for information on how to start the buying/selling process.